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Fluorite La Viesca M02927
-43x19x38mm- Group of beveled Fluorite crystals of good transparency, showing intense interna..
Fluorite La Viesca M03027
-90x40x65mm- Lustrous and transparent Fluorite crystals of stepped edges on matrix covered by..
Fluorite La Viesca M03054
-73x30x51mm- Intense bright transparent waterclear colorless Fluorite crystals, settled and c..
Fluorite La Viesca Mine - Asturias M03011
-50x35x35mm- Intense bright gemmy waterclear very pale blue Fluorite crystals growing on both..
Fluorite La Viesca Mine - Asturias M03440
-80x45x55mm- Group of gemmy, intense lustrous and very transparent Fluorite crystals of deep ..
320.00€ 225.00€
Fluorite La Viesca Mine - Asturias M03624
-230x120x150mm- A large cabinet specimen formed by fluorite crystals up to 6cm, with stepped ..
3,500.00€ 2,200.00€
Fluorite La Viesca Mine-Spain M02800
-85x75x60mm- Very bright totally transparent gemmy Fluorite crystals of beautiful and luminou..
Fluorite Llamas Quarry - Duyos M03731
-32x32x25mm- Very transparent luminous and rich purple color Fluorite crystal, without matrix..
Fluorite Moscona Mine - Fluorescent  M03806
-150x35x90mm- Intense lustrous and very transparent Fluorite crystals of intense honey yellow..
Fluorite Moscona Mine M03520
-95x35x65mm- Very transparent and intense lustrous honey yellow Fluorite crystals on a plate ..
60.00€ 30.00€
Fluorite Moscona Mine-Spain M02768
-150x65x75mm- Gemmy transparent extraordinary lustrous honey yellow fluorite crystals, some o..
Fluorite on Baryte - Berbes M03126
-53x34x50mm- Totally transparent and intense bright Fluorite crystals of beauty purple color ..
90.00€ 45.00€
Fluorite on Baryte Jaimina Mine M03636
-70x40x60mm- A well balanced specimen featuring multiple Fluorite cubic crystals of rounded a..
Fluorite on Quartz - La Viesca M03140
-105x60x60mm- A floater and totally crystallized all arround specimen of great contrast, form..
Fluorite on Quartz - La Viesca M03141
-100x30x80mm- A great contrast specimen, formed by very lustrous and outsanding transparency ..
155.00€ 80.00€
Fluorite on Quartz La Viesca Mine - Asturias M03250
-105x50x55mm- Intense vitreous luster and very transparent Fluorite crystals of beauty blue c..
Fluorite with Pyrite Emilio Mine - Asturias M03718
-30x20x25mm- Intense lustrous and transparent Fluorite colorless crystals group with internal..
Fluorite with Pyrite Villabona - Asturias M03765
-43x26x35mm- Intense lustrous very transparent yellow color Fluorite crystals partially cover..
Fluorite, Calcite and Baryte - Moscona Mine M03647
-95x45x75mm- A beauty combo specimen from Moscona Mine, with white translucent rombohedron Ca..
Fluorite, Calcite and Chalcopyrite La Viesca M03649
-115x75x75mm- Very transparent and intense bright Fluorite crystal of light blue color, settl..
Pyrite Ambas Aguas - Spain M03030
-24x20x22mm- Golden Pyrite crystal combination of cube and pyritohedron, with finely striated..
Pyrite ps. Baryte and Dolomite, Moscona Mine M03676
-80x40x60mm- A matrix covered by Baryte groups that has been covered by Pyrite, this last one..
Pyrite Villabona - Asturias M02847
-50x30x35mm- Very lustrous group of golden polyshynthetic Pyrite cubic crystals. A beauty..
Quartz, Fluorite and Dolomite, Moscona Mine M03675
-125x40x115mm- A not-common and aesthetic specimen from the well-known Moscona Mine, featurin..
Sphalerite, Galena, Dolomite Aliva M03825
-59x28x35mm- Intense lustrous and transparent gemmy Sphalerite crystals of reddish oranje col..
Sulfur Murcia M02280
-65x38x65mm- Good transparency and extraordinary lustrous sulfur crystals on geodes coated by..
Aragonite Cuenca - Spain M03490
-50x30x25mm- Intense lustrous bi-colored twinned Aragonite crystals group, with purple center..
Aragonite Cuenca - Spain M03834
-80x70x60mm- Bi-colored group of intense lustrous twinned Aragonite doubly-terminated crystal..
Autunite Assunção - Portugal M03197
-50x15x35mm- Beauty specimen of this hydrated Uraniun Phosphate, with translucent crystals of..
170.00€ 85.00€
Baryte and fluorite M02325
-95x40x60mm- Very lustrous good transparency tabular baryte crystals on matrix with yellow fl..
Baryte Jaimina Mine - Asturias M03573
-80x25x50mm- Tabular white Baryte well terminated crystal, largest for what is usual in this ..
Baryte on fluorite Moscona M02570
-95x75x65mm- Lustrous white tabular baryte crystals of transparent beveled corners, on matrix..
95.00€ 60.00€
Baryte on Fluorite Moscona Mine M03014
-55x45x40mm- Very lustrous transparent white zoned tabular Baryte crystals settled on a matri..
Blue Baryte on Dolomite - Moscona Mine M03633
-70x25x45mm- Tabular Baryte crystals of very light blue color, translucent and with intense l..
Blue Baryte on Dolomite and Fluorite - Moscona Mine  M03766
-125x60x120mm- Very lustrous transparent to translucent tabular Baryte crystals of blue color..
Calcite & Baryte Moscona Mine M03048
-43x42x32mm- Transparent zoned tabular Baryte crystals settled on a very lustrous calite crys..
Calcite - La Viesca Mine M03762
-44x21x30mm- Doubly-terminated twin of scalenohedral Calcite crystals of good transparency an..
Calcite Camargo - Spain M03217
-80x30x50mm- Doubly-terminated twinned Calcite crystals of good luster and transparency, sett..
Calcite Camargo M02702
-70x30x60mm- Twinned doubly-terminated good transparent calcite crystal of honey color, with ..
Calcite La Viesca M03029
-90x40x50mm- White very lustrous zoned Calcite scalenohedron associated with small fluorite c..
Calcite La Viesca Mine - Spain M02835
-83x40x50mm- Floater group of white very lustrous Calcite scalenohedrons of transparent tips,..
Calcite Moscona M02292
-83x60x65mm- Intense lustrous translucent calcite crystals with internal zoned areas, on matr..
Calcite Moscona Mine - Asturias M02980
-85x77x55mm- Intense lustrous transparent Calcite crystals druze with internal red color zone..
Calcite Moscona Mine - Asturias M03260
-135x90x105mm- Intense lustrous translucent Calcite crystals druze of white color with red co..
110.00€ 80.00€
Calcite Moscona Mine - Asturias M03262
-140x70x80mm- Very lustrous translucent intense red color Calcite scalenohedral crystals dott..
Calcite on Fluorite Loroñe M01211
-65x40x45mm- Lustrous transparent doubly terminated calcite crystals in a floater matrix of f..
Calcite on Fluorite, Moscona Mine M03261
-75x55x60mm- Extremelly lustrous good transparency white Calcite crystals in parallel growth,..
200.00€ 100.00€
Calcite on Fluorite, Moscona Mine M03264
-75x30x50mm- Group of intense lustrous translucent Calcite crystals, white and with internal ..
Calcite Oviedo M02274
-60x42x50mm- Floater specimen of lustrous multiple faces translucent calcite crystals. ..
Calcite Oviedo M02504
-75x35x50mm- Very lustrous transparent calcite crystal with zoned areas on matrix. ..
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