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Sphalerite Aliva - Spain M03180
-93x30x54mm- Gemmy extraordinary bright Sphalerite twinned crystals group partially covered b..
3,500.00€ 1,500.00€
Galena M01063
-30x40x50mm- Very shiny galena crystals on matrix, with sphalerite, quartz and pyirite ..
70.00€ 35.00€
Fluorite on Quartz - La Viesca Mine M03547
-60x40x55mm- Intense lustrous and very transparent Fluorite crystals of very soft blue-purple..
275.00€ 200.00€
Fluorite on Quartz La Viesca M03441
-50x15x48mm- Intense bright and totally transparent blue color Fluorite crystals with interna..
220.00€ 100.00€
Pyrite with hematie Elba island-Italy M02604
-65x40x42mm- Lustrous complex twinned pyrite crystals with grown marks on surface, on matrix ..
85.00€ 40.00€
Rogerley Fluorite M03673
-85x30x65mm- Intense bright and totally transparent Fluorite twinned crystals of luminous and..
1,100.00€ 550.00€
Apatite, Siderite and Quartz Panasqueira M03758
-50x20x35mm- Intense bright good transparency light green Apatite crystals group accompained ..
220.00€ 150.00€
Rogerley Fluorite M03747
-55x40x45mm- Intense bright and totally transparent Fluorite twinned crystals of luminous eme..
420.00€ 210.00€
Blue Apatite Panasqueira M03655
-28x16x24mm- Gemmy Apatite -Fluorapatite- crystal showing splendid blue color, with purple to..
700.00€ 350.00€
Sphalerite Aliva M03720
-85x35x65mm- Gemmy extraordinary bright Sphalerite twinned crystals group of deep and vivid r..
695.00€ 300.00€
Blue Baryte on Dolomite M03037
-45x27x43mm- Very lustrous transparent beauty blue tabular baryte crystals on a floater matri..
90.00€ 45.00€
Fluorite - Panasqueira M03148
-70x25x40mm- Cubic Fluorite crystals of pale blue color settled on the top of a matrix formed..
175.00€ 80.00€
Fluorite Emilio Mine - Asturias M03232
-65x50x60mm- Intense lustrous very transparent Fluorite crystals of vivid edges, of pale blue..
260.00€ 130.00€
Fluorite Inner Mongolia M02390
-105x40x65mm- Transparent fluorite octahedrons, with beveled edges and growth marks, on matri..
110.00€ 65.00€
Fluorite La Viesca M03368
-67x40x48mm- Group of extraordinary bright, luminous, gemmy, soft blue color Fluorite crystal..
600.00€ 250.00€
Fluorite on Quartz - La Viesca mine, Asturias M03357
-125x30x90mm- Intense bright and very transparent Fluorite crystals of beveled edges, of lumi..
475.00€ 300.00€
Sphalerite Aliva - Spain M03526
-60x40x35mm- Intese bright and very deep red color Sphalerite twinned crystals group without ..
300.00€ 150.00€
Fluorite Berbes M02885
-85x35x60mm- Very bright transparent Fluorite crystals of beauty colour with intense internal..
180.00€ 100.00€
Sphalerite Aliva - Spain M03532
-90x80x65mm- Intese bright, gemmy, luminous and vibrant red fire color Sphalerite twinned cry..
3,950.00€ 1,975.00€
Fluorite Greenlaws Mine -UK M03391
-150x35x65mm- Very lustrous transparent Fluorite crystals group of yellow coffe color, that s..
375.00€ 250.00€
Very fluorescent Aragonite Eugui-Navarre M03591
-37x7x14mm- Intense lustrous and very transparent acicular Aragonite crystals group of great ..
125.00€ 60.00€
Fluorite La Viesca M03478
-125x75x85mm- Group of translucent Fluorite crystals up to 7cm on edge, of blue color and wit..
240.00€ 120.00€
Wulfenite Mibladen-Morocco M03587
-33x10x20mm- Intense bright Wulfenite crystals group of splendid orange color, settled very a..
140.00€ 50.00€
Fluorite La Viesca Mine - Asturias M03278
-120x35x85mm- Agregate of gemmy, intense lustrous, very transparent Fluorite crystals of beau..
1,100.00€ 550.00€
Fluorite La Viesca Mine - Asturias M03588
-50x30x30mm- Intense bright and totally transparent Fluorite crystal of vibrant blue color se..
395.00€ 150.00€
Blue Baryte - Moscona Mine M03144
-60x30x45mm- Very lustrous Baryte tabular crystal of pale blue color with white zones, formin..
120.00€ 60.00€
Fluorite La Viesca Mine M03117
-85x80x50mm- Very transparent and beauty blue color Fluorite crystals, showing soft internal ..
380.00€ 270.00€
Calcite Elmwood M02382
-100x50x95mm- Excellent lustrous transparent doubly-terminated calcite crystal on a floater m..
440.00€ 220.00€
Fluorite on Calcite - La Viesca Mine M03358
-105x70x75mm- Fluorite crystals of stepped edges beveled by the rombododecahedron, of satin l..
100.00€ 75.00€
Calcite La Viesca Mine M03362
-110x30x60mm- Intense lustrous and transparent scalenohedral Calcite crystals, with natural d..
160.00€ 90.00€
Fluorite on Quartz - La Viesca Mine M03548
-35x18x27mm- Intense lustrous, very transparent and vibrant blue color Fluorite crystals of g..
100.00€ 50.00€
Calcite, Fluorite and Dolomite - Moscona Mine M03751
-60x35x60mm- Intense bright transparent to translucent Calcite crystals very rich in faces, s..
180.00€ 100.00€
Fluorite on Sphalerite Elmwood M.-US M02942
-51x23x47mm- Very bright good transparency and brightness soft violet Fluorite crystals with ..
75.00€ 50.00€
Dolomite Eugui M03271
-45x32x35mm- Very lustrous and transparent Dolomite twinned crystals with pale internal grey ..
80.00€ 40.00€
Quartz and Fluorite Panasqueira M03560
-43x20x24mm- Deep blue Fluorite crystals of beveled edges settled on a Quartz crystal almost ..
130.00€ 70.00€
Fluorite & Baryte Berbes M02750
-80x25x45mm- Groups of transparent soft purple fluorite crystal forming aerial chains and mix..
120.00€ 60.00€
Fluorite Valzergues - France M03581
-135x55x120mm- Lustrus and transparent Fluorite cubic crystals of yellow color and with a thi..
275.00€ 200.00€
Emerald A-Franqueira - Spain M03265
-110x50x90mm- Group of pale green Beryl -Emerald variety- with well definied crystals, partia..
380.00€ 260.00€
Fluorite Berbes M03423
-95x35x60mm- Intense bright Fluorite crystals group of rich purple color with totally gemmy c..
750.00€ 325.00€
Fluorite with modified edges Xianghuapu M02622
-100x70x75mm- Extremelly bright waterclear fluorite crystals of very beveled edges and with i..
65.00€ 35.00€
Emerald A-Franqueira - Spain M03266
-90x40x80mm- Green Beryl -Emerald variety- on a matrix of small mica crystals.   ..
240.00€ 120.00€
Fluorite France M03400
-145x90x120mm- Group of lustrous and translucent Fluorite crystals of yellow color with pale ..
400.00€ 300.00€
Fluorite Yanci - Navarre M03307
-70x50x40mm- Intense lustrous and very transparent Fluorite crystals of blue color -not so co..
120.00€ 80.00€
Ferberite, Siderite Panasqueira M03797
-45x16x31mm- Intense lustrous  Ferberite crystals group of striated faces, associated wi..
25.00€ 15.00€
Fluorite Jaimina Mine M03465
-110x70x105mm- Group of intense blue and very transparent Fluorite crystals with a complex cr..
625.00€ 425.00€
Quartz and Fluorite Panasqueira M03691
-52x35x30mm- Sky blue Fluorite cubic crystals group settled on a totally transparent Quartz c..
120.00€ 80.00€
Fluorite & Calcite La Viesca Mine - Spain M02810
-55x30x45mm- Group of very transparent Fluorite crystals midly blue colored and of beveled ed..
60.00€ 30.00€
Fluorite La Sirena - Asturias M02864
-55x30x35mm- Transparent pale green beveled Fluorite crystals growing very aerial on matrix. ..
40.00€ 25.00€
Apatite Panasqueira M03580
-30x16x18mm- Apatite crystals with very beveled edges, of great transparency and intense brig..
125.00€ 60.00€
Quartz Smoky-Amethyst Goboboseb M03857
-50x27x26mm- Intense lustrous and very transparent gemmy Quartz crystals with Smoky and Ameth..
150.00€ 100.00€
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