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Fluorite on Quartz - La Viesca Mine M03547
-60x40x55mm- Intense lustrous and very transparent Fluorite crystals of very soft blue-purple..
275.00€ 200.00€
Rogerley Fluorite M03673
-85x30x65mm- Intense bright and totally transparent Fluorite twinned crystals of luminous and..
1,100.00€ 550.00€
Aragonite (fluorescent) Eugui M04445
-76x21x51mm- Group of acicular Aragonite crystals of deep caramel color, settled aerialy on a..
80.00€ 60.00€
Fluorite La Viesca M04019
-100x85x90mm- Group of intense lustrous and very transparent Fluorite cubic crystals , featur..
450.00€ 400.00€
Dolomite Eugui M04442
-53x35x43mm- Intense lustrous and transparent to translucent Dolomite twinned crystal with L ..
160.00€ 100.00€
Dolomite Eugui M04542
-73x40x45mm- Intense lustrous and transparent Dolomite twinned crystal of beveled corners and..
95.00€ 50.00€
Fluorite Berbes - Fluorescent  M03729
-90x35x80mm- Group of transparent Fluorite crystal of deep violet color, showing internal ver..
420.00€ 360.00€
Fluorite La Sirena - Asturias M03009
-40x20x35mm- Very lustrous transparent pale green Fluorite crystals on plate matrix. A fl..
40.00€ 25.00€
Fluorite La Viesca M04366
-125x55x80mm- Completely transparent and gemmy Fluorite crystals with vitreous luster in some..
450.00€ 400.00€
Vanadinite Mibladen, Morocco M02713
-125x35x70mm- Very intense bright vivid red color Vanadinite crystals with good transparency ..
180.00€ 100.00€
Dolomite Eugui M04782
-46x32x40mm- Intense lustrous and transparent Dolomite twinned crystal settled at top of the ..
60.00€ 40.00€
Fluorite Emilio Mine M04493
-105x40x90mm- Gemmy, colorless and intense lustrous Fluorite crystals with mosaic- shape face..
190.00€ 120.00€
Sphalerite, Siderite and Dolomite Troya Mine M04520
-52x28x27mm- Very intense luster and good transparency deep honey red color Sphalerite crysta..
25.00€ 15.00€
Fluorite and Galena Greenlaws Mine -UK M03391
-150x35x65mm- Very lustrous transparent Fluorite crystals group of yellow coffe color, that s..
375.00€ 300.00€
Fluorite La Viesca M03499
-140x80x85mm- Group of transparent Fluorite crystals up to 94mm on edge, of blue color and wi..
650.00€ 400.00€
Kunzite Afghanistan M04372
-100x7x40mm- Intense lustrous and very transparent Spodumene, Kunzite variety, doubly termina..
160.00€ 120.00€
Fluorite Llamas Quarry - Duyos M03183
-27x12x17mm- Gemmy very clear Fluorite single elongated crystal of  beveled edges, of ve..
35.00€ 20.00€
Pyrite Navajun M04561
-71x43x69mm- Intense mirror luster Pyrite crystals group, floater and crystallized all around..
115.00€ 90.00€
Smoky Quartz Alps M03575
-85x65x45mm- Smoky Quartz crystals of intense brightness and totally transparent, on a small ..
120.00€ 80.00€
Blue Baryte on Dolomite M03037
-45x27x43mm- Very lustrous transparent beauty blue tabular baryte crystals on a floater matri..
90.00€ 50.00€
Calcite, Fluorite and Dolomite - Moscona Mine M03751
-60x35x60mm- Intense bright transparent to translucent Calcite crystals very rich in faces, s..
180.00€ 120.00€
Fluorite and Baryte Berbes M04615
-180x120x120mm- A large size Fluorite specimen from this classic locality, showing gemmy and ..
1,200.00€ 800.00€
Cuprite - Katanga, Congo M03454
-55x38x50mm- Intense bright gemmy Cuprite crystal of sharp edges and deep red color settled o..
180.00€ 150.00€
Ferberite, Siderite Panasqueira M03797
-45x16x31mm- Intense lustrous  Ferberite crystals group of striated faces, associated wi..
25.00€ 15.00€
Fluorite La Viesca Mine M04627
-77x31x39mm- Group of lustrous and transparent Fluorite crystal of intense violet color and w..
75.00€ 50.00€
Emerald A-Franqueira - Spain M03266
-90x40x80mm- Green Beryl -Emerald variety- on a matrix of small mica crystals.   ..
240.00€ 160.00€
Fluorite and Quartz - Panasqueira M03407
-60x22x47mm- A beauty specimen not so common from the classic Panasqueira mine: cubic Fluorit..
85.00€ 65.00€
Fluorite and Sphalerite La Viesca M03373
-50x20x48mm- Floater group of intense lustrous and very transparent Fluorite crystals of lumi..
130.00€ 80.00€
Fluorite Berbes M03347
-40x27x40mm- Group of transparent Fluorite crystals of deep purple color and with internal ph..
125.00€ 90.00€
Fluorite La Viesca M03027
-90x40x65mm- Lustrous and transparent Fluorite crystals of stepped edges on matrix covered by..
110.00€ 75.00€
Fluorite Mina Rogerley M04807
-93x49x68mm- Lustrous and very transparent Fluorite twinned crystals of deep emerald green co..
150.00€ 120.00€
Apatite, Siderite and Quartz Panasqueira M03758
-50x20x35mm- Intense bright good transparency light green Apatite crystals group accompained ..
220.00€ 150.00€
Fluorite on Quartz - La Viesca M03141
-100x30x80mm- A great contrast specimen, formed by very lustrous and outsanding transparency ..
155.00€ 100.00€
Azurite with Malachite Toussit, Marruecos M04594
-46x16x38mm- Group of lustrous and deep blue color Azurite crystals accompained by a groupf o..
60.00€ 30.00€
Fluorite Yanci - Navarre M03307
-70x50x40mm- Intense lustrous and very transparent Fluorite crystals of blue color -not so co..
120.00€ 90.00€
Calcite Pau M04677
-115x70x100mm- Gemmy, very transparent, intense bright and very rich in faces Calcite crystal..
120.00€ 90.00€
Aragonite Cuenca - Spain M04544
-27x26x24mm- Intense lustrous twinned Aragonite crystals group of light purple color, floater..
24.00€ 15.00€
Pyrite Panasqueira M03689
-75x40x55mm- A beauty and not so common specimen from the classic Panasqueira mine, featuring..
75.00€ 50.00€
Calcite with Dolomite on Fluorite, Moscona Mine M03158
-115x60x60mm- Extraordinary lustrous and good transparency Calcite crystals with multiple fac..
245.00€ 125.00€
Pyrite Navajun M04143
-72x44x46mm- Intense mirror luster Pyrite crystals group, with beautiful growth figures in su..
95.00€ 70.00€
Apatite Panasqueira M04330
-43x38x35mm- Group of intense bright and transparent to translucent Apatite crystals of green..
140.00€ 100.00€
Dolomite Eugui M04020
-70x42x56mm- Intense lustrous and transparent Dolomite twinned crystal of sharp edges, with i..
110.00€ 90.00€
Apatite Panasqueira M04331
-44x32x44mm- Group of lustrous and translucent Apatite crystals of bluish green color with in..
80.00€ 50.00€
Selenite Pulpi, Spain M04001
-110x60x90mm- Lustrous and totally transparent Selenite crystals wih multiple inclusions, set..
75.00€ 50.00€
Fluorite (fluorescent) Moscona Mine M04645
-72x30x51mm- Intense lustrous, transparent, and honey yellow color Fluorite crystals accompai..
55.00€ 40.00€
Baryte and Fluorite Jaimina Mine M04301
-68x34x49mm- Group of white Baryte crystals dotted by small Chalcopyrite crystals, associated..
30.00€ 25.00€
Apatite Panasqueira M04333
-71x59x55mm- Lustrous transparent to translucent Apatite crystals of deep green color with in..
650.00€ 550.00€
Fluorite with hydrocarbons Emilio M02609
-100x55x65mm- Extraordinary glassy luster gemmy water clear fluorite crystals, accompained by..
85.00€ 50.00€
Fluorite La Viesca M04767
-87x80x84mm- Lustrous and transparent Fluorite crystals of stepped edges and with internal li..
140.00€ 100.00€
Arsenopyrite-Chalcopyrite and Dolomita Panasqueira M03234
-60x25x35mm- Epitaxy of small silvery sheen Chalcopyrite crystals grown orderly on a group of..
120.00€ 75.00€
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