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Blue Apatite Panasqueira M03655
-28x16x24mm- Gemmy Apatite -Fluorapatite- crystal showing splendid blue color, with purple to..
700.00€ 350.00€
Ferberite & Quartz and Siderite Panasqueira M03112
-70x35x60mm- Intense lustrous dark Ferberite crystal on the center, flanked by two very trans..
Fluorite - Panasqueira M03148
-70x25x40mm- Cubic Fluorite crystals of pale blue color settled on the top of a matrix formed..
175.00€ 80.00€
Apatite on Arsenopyrite Panasqueira M04021
-57x37x22mm- Intense lustrous and transparent Apatite -Fluorapatite- doubly-terminated crysta..
Apatite on Quartz Panasqueira M04005
-140x35x30mm- Good transparency and intense bright Apatite -Fluorapatite- crystals settled al..
Apatite Panasqueira M04010
-52x31x48mm- Intense bright, gemmy and transparent Apatite -Fluorapatite- doubly-terminated c..
Apatite, Arsenopyrite and Tourmaline Panasqueira M04011
-51x25x39mm- Lustrous and translucent Apatite -Fluorapatite- crystals of green color with whi..
Arsenopyrite on Quartz Panasqueira M04008
-76x24x31mm- Intense lustrous Arsenopyrite crystal on a transparent Quartz crystal.  ..
Cassiterite Panasqueira M03482
-60x46x51mm- Intense lustrous and translucent Cassiterite twinned crystals settled aerialy on..
Chalcopyrite Panasqueira M03130
-70x40x55mm- Group of golden color Chalcopyrite crystals accompained by small muscovite and A..
Ferberite & Quartz Panasqueira M03740
-85x50x65mm- Group of Ferberite crystals accompained by a slightly smoky Quartz crystal, ..
Ferberite Panasqueira M04006
-95x40x45mm- Ferberite crystals group in parallel growth, of good luster, partially coated by..
Fluorite on Quartz - Panasqueira M03700
-50x25x50mm- Cubic Fluorite crystal of light blue color with edges beveled by rombohedron, se..
Fluorite Panasqueira M04007
-100x90x55mm- Big octahedric Fluorite crystal of pale blue color, inusual for this field, ass..
Quartz and Fluorite Panasqueira M03557
-105x30x40mm- Group of intense lustrous and totally transparent Quartz crystals over wich are..
Quartz and Fluorite Panasqueira M03560
-43x20x24mm- Deep blue Fluorite crystals of beveled edges settled on a Quartz crystal almost ..
130.00€ 70.00€
Quartz and Fluorite Panasqueira M03567
-34x10x23mm- Transparent Fluorite crystals with internal zoned blue color, settled around a t..
Quartz and Siderite Panasqueira M03738
-75x25x45mm- Intense lustrous Quartz crystals group with the top half part totally transparen..
Apatite Panasqueira M03101
-46x20x42mm- Floater Apatite -Fluorapatite- crystal, totally crystallized all arround, of dee..
Apatite Panasqueira M03502
-29x24x22mm- Intense bright and transparent Apatite bi-colored crystal with internal yellowis..
Apatite Panasqueira M03580
-30x16x18mm- Apatite crystals with very beveled edges, of great transparency and intense brig..
125.00€ 60.00€
Apatite Panasqueira M03592
-42x10x25mm- Floater Apatite tabular crystal with very beveled edges, of great transparency a..
160.00€ 80.00€
Apatite Panasqueira M03690
-32x22x22mm- Intense bright and transparent Apatite -Fluorapatite- crystals of green color an..
250.00€ 125.00€
Apatite Panasqueira M03793
-18x8x17mm- Intense bright translucent Apatite - Fluorapatite- crystal of green color, associ..
Arsenopyrite Panasqueira M03739
-110x70x70mm- An architectural specimen that poses by itself, featuring dozens of very lustro..
Arsenopyrite Panasqueira M03764
-65x35x45mm- Intense golden lustrous Arsenopyrite crystals settled on a matrix covered by Mus..
Cassiterite & Fluorite Panasqueira M03501
-40x15x36mm- Blak intense lustrous Cassiterite crystals settled on the top of a floater matri..
400.00€ 180.00€
Cassiterite Panasqueira M03482
-90x25x60mm- Intense lustrous and blak Cassiterite crystals settled on a plate matrix covered..
Ferberite, Siderite Panasqueira M03797
-45x16x31mm- Intense lustrous  Ferberite crystals group of striated faces, associated wi..
25.00€ 15.00€
Fluorite and Ferberite - Panasqueira M03409
-30x10x16mm- A beauty specimen not so common from the classic Panasqueira mine: cubic Fluorit..
120.00€ 60.00€
Fluorite and Ferberite - Panasqueira M03420
-35x12x15mm- A beauty specimen not so common from the classic Panasqueira mine: gemmy cubic F..
260.00€ 120.00€
Fluorite and Quartz - Panasqueira M03407
-60x22x47mm- A beauty specimen not so common from the classic Panasqueira mine: cubic Fluorit..
85.00€ 60.00€
Fluorite and Quartz - Panasqueira M03408
-22x11x11mm- A beauty specimen not so common from the classic Panasqueira mine: cubic Fluorit..
Fluorite on Apatite Panasqueira M03602
-45x15x30mm- Blue with purple color tones Fluorite crystals settled on a green transparent to..
Fluorite with Arsenopyrite and Chalcopyrite Panasqueira M03613
-45x25x45mm- Groups of intense lustrous and very transparent Fluorite crystals of blue color ..
Pyrite Panasqueira M03485
-65x20x50mm- Intense golden lustrous Pyrite crystals mixed with white Siderite crystals on a ..
Pyrite Panasqueira M03689
-75x40x55mm- A beauty and not so common specimen from the classic Panasqueira mine, featuring..
Quartz and Arsenopyrite Panasqueira M03481
-85x40x55mm- Intense lustrous and very transparent Quartz crystals accompained by Arsenopyrit..
Quartz and Fluorite Panasqueira M03691
-52x35x30mm- Sky blue Fluorite cubic crystals group settled on a totally transparent Quartz c..
120.00€ 80.00€
Quartz, Apatite and Siderite Panasqueira M03486
-55x30x40mm- A beauty combo specimen from Panasqueira: a central transparent Quartz crystal p..
100.00€ 60.00€
Arsenopyrite, Quartz and Pyrite Panasqueira M03246
-50x38x43mm- Agreagate of Arsenopyrite and Pyrite crystals of intense golden sheen with silve..
Arsenopyrite-Chalcopyrite and Dolomita Panasqueira M03234
-60x25x35mm- Epitaxy of small silvery sheen Chalcopyrite crystals grown orderly on a group of..
120.00€ 60.00€
Ferberita Panasqueira M04081
-64x31x64mm- Lustrous  Ferberite crystals group of striated faces, associated with small..
Ferberite and Siderite Panasqueira M03248
-47x18x25mm- Group of parallel Ferberite crystals of intense brightness, accompained by trans..
Ferberite Panasqueira M03247
-40x15x33mm- Group of very well definied and clear Ferberite crystals, of extraordinary brigh..
90.00€ 50.00€
Ferberite, Arsenopyrite, Muscovite and Siderite Panasqueira M03277
-65x55x30mm- Intense lustrous thick Ferberite crystal settled on a matrix of golden lustrous ..
275.00€ 175.00€
Pyrite on Calcite Panasqueira M03235
-55x20x35mm- Group of golden color Pyrite crystals settled on a Calcite scalenohedrons covere..
Quartz with Tourmaline Panasqueira M04079
-133x25x52mm- Very transparent Quartz crystal of intense luster, with internal inclusions of ..
Quartz with Tourmaline Panasqueira M04080
-58x43x51mm- Very transparent Quartz crystals of intense luster, with internal inclusions of ..
Sphalerite, Chalcopyrite, Apatite... Panasqueira M03639
-115x70x85mm- Sphalerite. Chalcopyrite, Apatite, Quartz and Siderite crystals, on a matrix co..
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